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Welcome to eco office plants

eco office plants is a plant display company supplying London and the South East with eco-friendly interior and exterior landscaping. We pride ourselves on our excellent customer service.

eco office plants offers a full design, installation and maintenance service on interior and exterior plant displays and interior floral displays on a purchase or rental basis. We provide new displays designed and installed or can take over maintenance on existing displays.


Information and News

Zamioculcas plant

Meet Zamioculcas

It’s hip, stylish and incredibly easy to look after.
Contact us for delivery and maintenance.

eco Christmas trees for the office

Christmas Trees

We provide a Christmas Tree rental service. There are various colour themes for your decorations. Read about our eco Christmas services.

Peace Lily office plant

The Peace Lily

Contender for favourite office plant of the year - The Peace Lily. Contact us for delivery and maintenance of this timeless favourite.

Zamioculcas plant

Plants at Work Week

Stay healthy , happy and more productive. National Plants at Work Week 9-13 July 2018

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4 Quick Facts

Plants in the workplace keep the climate healthier and more stable.

Water evaporates through leaves; they absorb heat and noise and remove dust and pollutants from the air.

Research has shown that looking at plants reduces stress and boosts creativity.

In short we feel better around plants, and that helps improve our performance.

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eco office plants - supporting your environmental aims

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