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All our trees for indoor use are Nordman Fir (Abies Nordmaniana) which grow more slowly than the traditional Christmas tree (Norway Spruce) and are well known for their needle retention properties and rich, glossy foliage.

There is a popular misconception that cutting down millions of trees each year is environmentally unfriendly and that we should use artificial trees. Christmas trees are specially grown as crops, often on poor soil that wouldn't support anything else, harvested and then replaced each year to sustain numbers. Plantations act as nature reserves supporting a wide range of wildlife and birds. Every tree converts up to 12kg of carbon dioxide into oxygen and carbon collectively removing about 5m tones of carbon dioxide from the atmosphere throughout Europe. After Christmas all our trees are recycled as mulch. Artificial tree manufacture uses fossil fuels and releases harmful gases into the environment both in production and disposal. We do not supply artificial trees!

All our trees are provided with a water holding stand to assist with keeping the tree fresh for as long as possible.

We bring enough decorations to dress the tree to your taste and all styles come with white mini lights. If you prefer, we supply the tree with just lights or without anything at all. All our lights meet the latest European safety standards.

We are more than happy to provide quotations for decorating trees to individual specification. Simply state your preferred theme or colours in an email to us and we'll contact you to discuss it. All trees delivered in December are guaranteed.

Eco friendly Christmas trees by eco office plants

Price list 2018

Ft | M
Decorated Lights Only Undecorated
6 1.8 £364 £260 £208
7 2.1 £437 £302 £270
8 2.4 £562 £385 £364
9 2.75 £614 £447 £416
10 3.0 £697 £530 £489
12 3.65 £936 £697 £541
16 4.8 £1664 £1352 £1040
18 5.5 £2600 £2080 £1820

Prices exclude VAT, eco office plants standard terms and conditions apply.

We are more than happy to provide quotations for decorating trees to individual specification.

Tree removal

We will remove your tree after Christmas during the first week of January. If you need it removing before that or if your office is closed, please let us know and we'll contact you to arrange it.

When choosing your Christmas tree supplier, you might like to bear in mind that 5% of our profit on Christmas goes to our chosen charity, Save the Children. By choosing us you can help the environment and a child in need.

Email us today to discuss your requirements and receive a quote.

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