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eco offers bespoke interior plant displays specially designed to complement your premises and improve your working environment.

The available range of plants and planters is enormous and constantly changing. Every part of every office is unique and requires something different in terms of planting. Each client has their own distinct vision of how the office space should be. Our comprehensive service includes free design and consultation. Working closely with you, we plan, supply and maintain a plant display tailored to your interior.

We can supply displays of all sizes from small desk top specimens to large mixed displays in dozens of different planters and foliage for your atrium. All our displays can be purchased or rented. We are also happy to give you our considered opinion of existing displays and offer advice and quotations to supply our maintenance service.

Eye catching plants for any office space

Beautiful Orchids

Cheer up your day with beautiful orchid displays for your reception and other areas of the office. We can provide bespoke designs in a planter of your choice. Replacing cut flower displays with growing orchids will save money. They are more environmentally friendly and contribute oxygen to the office.

Beautiful orchids for your office spaces by eco office plants
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eco office plants - supporting your environmental aims

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