The eco bit

eco office plants supports your environmental aims.

At eco office plants we are passionate about plants but also care about our relationship with our clients, our colleagues and our effect on the environment.

Interior office tall black plant pots

Our philosophy is to provide a high quality, personal, friendly, local service.

Bright office plants by eco office plants
Office worker with interior plant

We aim to build long-term relationships based on mutual trust and respect and contribute in a positive way to the world around us.

Striking office plants with eco office plants

We are aware of our responsibility to minimize waste and our first choice is always to use natural products from renewable sources or made from recycled materials which can be reused or safely disposed of at the end of their usefulness.

Dressing room plants
Workplace office stairwell
Exterior potted plant with eco office plants

We avoid peat based composts and manage pest infestations with organic or biological control methods.

Where possible our journeys to service our clients are made on foot or by use of public transport but on those occasions where this is impractical we endeavour to use alternative fuel vehicles.

Office Echinocactus by eco office plants

More Information

We encourage electronic communications to reduce paper use and use recycled office products.

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