Terms & Conditions

  1. The initial minimum period is 12 months for purchase and maintenance or 24 months for rental, from the commencement of the agreement excluding any termination period. In the event either party wishes to terminate the agreement, this must be made in writing not less than 3 months prior to the termination date.
  2. Maintenance shall include regular visits to water, clean, prune, control pests in accordance with current regulation, remove dead foliage.
  3. Maintenance shall also include the replacement of any sub-standard plants free of charge except those required as a result of failure to comply with clauses 4, 5, 6, 7, 8,9 below or where the agreement specifically excludes replacements. In those instances, we will charge for the replacement plants and the associated labour costs.
  4. The client shall provide reasonable access to all displays for our technicians to carry out maintenance.
  5. The client shall provide access to fresh water on the premises.
  6. For interior displays the client agrees to never allow the interior temperature to fall below 10 degrees C.
  7. Where the agreement includes free replacement plants, this will not apply to any requiring replacement through theft or vandalism.
  8. The client agrees to keep us informed of the movement of any displays.
  9. The client agrees not to allow anyone other than representatives of eco office plants maintain their displays.
  10. Invoices are raised on the 1 st of each month. An interim invoice will be raised upon installation until the end of that month. The client agrees to pay all invoices promptly by the due dates.
  11. No price increase will be made during the initial period. Any subsequent price increase shall not exceed 5% unless specifically agreed by the client. Any price increase implementation will be subject to 3 months written notice.
  12. Any variation to this agreement will not be binding unless there is written agreement by eco office plants.
  13. eco office plants ltd, 9 Twyford Avenue London W3 9PY